YouthRise Project

At YouthRise Project, our goal is to inspire Youth through artistic expression.  YouthRise offers a unique opportunity for Youth to work with Industry Professionals in the art of film.  We encourage Youth to collaborate in all facets of filmmaking including screenwriting, visualization, narrative, and the entire production and postproduction process.

The YouthRise Project has the following aims:

  • To introduce the youth to the culture of filmmaking.

  • To inspire the youth to become storytellers.

  • To develop leadership and confidence through the creation and completion of their projects.

  • To provide a forum for youth to express their current social, political and economic issues in a team environment. 

The YouthRise Project strives to create and maintain a strong connection to the Youth. The artistic contributions from this project will enhance the youth participation in an industry that is not largely developed in isolated communities. The artistic expressions of the youth using a media that encourages thinking “outside the box” will provide them with increased skills that can only support their future endeavors. 


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