Three Feathers
2019, 44 min, Canada, Director
When harm is done, justice must heal. After committing a shocking crime that devastates the innocence of their small community, Flinch, Bryce and Rupert are sent to live on the land for 9 months to explore the power of restorative justice. The Elders reconnect them to a life that was taken from them long ago, but it’s up to the boys to acquire the humility needed to return home and face their past.


Hickey Gone Wrong
2015, 7 min, Canada, Producer
OH NO! Grant has his first official Fort Smith, NWT, Hickey and he doesn't want his parents to find out. Join us as we follow him through this passage of warriorhood as the town pitches in to offer in sage advice in the ways of "the passion bruise." Based on Richard Van Camp's story, "Hickey Gone Wrong", this is Fort Smith's gift to the world as a hilarious home grown production with courageous Fort Smith actors shot in the sweetest town North of 60!


Love, Mother
2015, 40 min, Canada, Director
What makes up a families history, is it just one families story?  Or is it a series of contradicting tales told through the eyes of its members, all revealing the truth behind the love and dysfunction that keep one family’s legacy alive. 


Ghost Town
2015, 4 min, Canada, Director
Narrative music video for Fort Smith's Geronimo Paulette off his debut award nominated album "Ghost Town". The first single off his debut album "Hard Road out of Hell", which was nominated for Best Instrumental CD at the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards.


4 Seconds to Death
2010, 7 min, Canada, Director/Producer
On August 30th, 2010, Rick Williams life was shattered when his brother John was shot and killed by Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk.  It took less than 5 seconds between his first verbal warning and the four gun shots that would take John T. Williams life, he was shot from 10 feet away and was found holding a scrap of wood and a closed one sided pocket knife.  Rick opens up about the long tradition of carving in his family, as well as the heartbreak his family continues to endure as the Firearms Review Board finds that the use of deadly force in Williams shooting was unjustified.

Stolen Sisters
2008, 8 min, Canada, Director
April-Eve Wiberg opens up about the past and her passion which ignited the annual Stolen Sisters Awareness Walk in Edmonton, Alberta.